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tv   MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle  MSNBC  February 2, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PST

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in the republican caucus find a conscience sometimes this weekend. and pushback on the president's worst excesses. let's go now to stephanie ruhle. she keeps the news going. stephanie. >> thanks so much, joe. joe scarborough, ending the show with a message of hope. good morning. i'm stephanie ruhle. with a lot to cover. starting with watching, watching and waiting. despite strong fbi objections, the president expected to approve the release of that controversial nunes memo as early as this morning. some republicans voice concerns. speaker ryan puts up a united front. >> this is about us holding the system accountable. >> is it really? and here we go again. less than a week before another possible government shutdown, the president saying democrats need to get with him on daca or get out. >> we have to get help from the other side. or we have to elect many more
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republicans. >> 2018 is off to a strong start. the u.s. added 200,000 jobs in january. making 88. that's a big number. the longest streak ever. it started before last year. we're going to begin this morning though with the 3 1/2 page, that's it, memo, which we are now expecting to come out any time. the president seemed to refer to it this morning on twitter, slamming the leaders of his own, one more time, own, he chose them, intelligence community, as corrupt and partisan. but what happens if the memo is more of a bust than a bombshell? we're going to find out with my panel this morning. starting at the white house with nbc's kristen welker. all right, kristen, we're holding our breath. we're waiting, measure waiting. when are we going to see this thing? >> we're holding our breath. that is absolutely right. the exact timing is still tbd. we do expect at some point
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today, president trump will approve the release of that memo. now, let me walk you through the possibilities here. we expect that the white house will announce the president's final decision through a statement effectively to the public and to capitol hill. so that would set in motion effectively sending this back to capitol hill. it will be up to lawmakers then to determine what the exact protocols are for releasing it. so could we see the memo today? it is very possible. stef, it's also possible we don't. we do, however, expect a final decision from president trump today. kellyanne conway, one of the president's top advisers, weighed in on this process a little bit earlier. >> this president is taking his time this week to make sure that legal counsel, national security counsel and anyone else involved in the review process has had their time to diligently and thoroughly review the document
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before sending it back to congress because obviously congress would be the one releasing this. >> president trump up and tweeting about this himself today. let me read you what he's been tweeting. he says the top leadership and investigators of the fbi and the justice department have politicized the sacred investigative process in favor of democrats and against republicans, something which would have been unthinkable just a short time ago. rank and file are great people. you have republicans saying this document effectively shows there was misconduct at the highest ranks of the fbi. democrats say this is a cherry-picked document. it is meant to essentially brain watch people. and then you have the fbi. the doj. warning against releasing this. expressing grave concern, stef. expressing concerns, frankly, about national security. all of it is setting up an escalating showdown between the president and democrats, but more significantly perhap, between the president and his own fbi and justice department.
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some democrats warning this could be leading to a constitutional crisis. so we're watching and waiting to see what the president ultimately decides. we expect it to happen today, stef. >> brainwashing. i better bring my panel in. the president going after these agencies. i want to remember. rod rosenstein, republican. jeff sessions, president trump selected. chris wray, president trump selected. so i'm so confused and glad that i've got a smart panel here. deny delanian, nbc intelligence and national security reporter. matt miller. nbc justice and security analyst. and kim, a former attorney who worked on the whitewater investigation. and robert costa, he must live off of red bull at this point, of "the washington post" and host of "washington week" on pbs. this guy's working around the clock. matt, to you first. i need to get your reaction to the president's tweet. because kellyanne conway says
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this is about getting rid of a few bad actors. give me a break. this is about getting rid of rod rosenstein because president trump wants bob mueller out of town. >> yes, stephanie. there's not a lot of mystery here about what the president's motives are because he's been very clear in telling the number of people. it's been reported in bob costa's paper, "the washington post," as well as in the new york tooem"new york times", that the president has told multiple allyings, aides and friends that he wants this memo released because he sees it as a way to undermine the mueller probe and to potentially fire rob rosenstein which would let him replace him with somebody who would be more menable and likely to remove mueller or thwart the investigation by cutting off key avenues. one of the president's long-standing problems with this entire investigation is, look, devin nunes and paul ryan cooked up kind of a sham process here. and they gave an explanation. look, this is just about uncoverering fisa wrongdoing. we know that's not true.
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but the president can't script to the script. i suspect if he would sit down on sunday before the super bowl, you'd see him confess to the whole thing, like a year ago when they had a story to why they fired comey and the president just came out and sort of blurted out what he was really doing was trying to end the russia investigation. it's the same thing here i think everyone knows it. >> don jr. told us they fired mccabe. it's so confusing why it's happening. from your reporting, how is the president making this decision? i saw him on the hot mic. yes, 100%, we're releasing it. kellyanne conway paints a far more measured response. >> for all we know, the president of the united states wanted to release this memo. it's fascinating because once they realize this memo's going
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to be released, they started the process of reviewing it so they can redact anything that's damaging. it appears the white house will ignore that process, just go forward and release the whole thing. if donald trump was concerned with fisa abuses, he could say, let's turn it over to the independent fisa judges. >> didn't they just vote to approve keeping the same fisa practices a week ago? >> absolutely, and these same republicans who are pushing this were absolutely silent when edward snowden was leaking and there was concerns about potential fisa abuses on the left. these republicans are saying, hey, nothing to see here, let's move along. >> robert, ken mentioned it quickly, i think it's a big deal. in "the washington post" reporting, there's a report, trump was absolutely convinced of one thing, the memo needed to
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come out. the exact opposite of what his spin guru conway said today, when she said the president is taking this seriously and taking his time. so conway is his front man on cable news saying one thing and you're reporting the opposite. when they talk about firing fury, from who we talk to in the white house, the president's not a reader. >> president may be advised by aides to review this memo. we all know based on our reporting that he's always watching, keeping an eye on how the right wing of the republican party is reacting to certain issues. we saw the rising call for the release that he's latched himself on to it. you saw, he was nodding to the fact he was moving towards releasing the memo. the bigger challenge for the white house and the republican party. you see it in the president's tweet this morning. and in house speaker paul ryan's comments yesterday. they're now raising institutional, fundamental questions about the fbi and the
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department of justice. wading into churning political waters. in a sense politicizing, even though they say they're not, politicizing institutionings that try to be averse to politics. and they say they're trying to split the hair and they're not against the agents, they're only against the leadership. they're raising these bigger questions. it's bog to be hard to make that argument in the coming days in a successful way as these institutioning come under fire. >> is it not stunning that he gets his content from cable news? i asked somebody in the administration this week why the president consistently gets numbers wrong as it relates to the economy. winning numbers. he consistently overstates them. when he can get the facts from the labor department, the treasury department. the answer i got was he gets his numbers from sean hannity. axios is reporting this thing could be a dud. if that's the case, what's the fallout for republicans? >> i think it's probably going to be a dud. just because what we know is there potentially was
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information about the steele dossier in the application for a warrant. if that is the smoking gun, it's kind of a so what. what people are forgetting here is we have an article 3 judge with a lifetime appointment and salary protection. someone that is by the framers of the constitution institutionally designed to be apolitical who signed this warrant. so we have accountability. as far as transparency goes, the notion of national security information being transparent is an amatha of being able to function in that regard. isn't so much what the president is doing, because the president is going to do what he does, it is what congress has done, that is, jumping the fence when it comes to the separation of powers, creating a drama that did not need to exist and impugning the credibility of our criminal law enforcement system. which really, for the long term, every american needs to be very concerned about, because we don't want to politicize the
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criminal justice system. then we all lose. >> imagine if devin nunes is feeding us a nothing burger. remember how much republicans talked about those a few months ago? is there any chance this entire episode could play into mueller's investigation's hand, showing more attempt to obstruct justice? >> i think that's a real possibility this blows up in the president's face, not just because it is a dud, but the actions leading up to the release of this memo. i think he would see the defense for the ultimate decision to release the memo. because congress served it up to him in the process. what is going to be much harder to defend is his intervention with the justice department. we believe the release of this memo could impede the investigation, could compromise the investigation we are conducting in the investigation. donald trump is a subject of that investigation. after the justice department
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said that publicly, he sent his chief of staff john kelly to castigate the attorney general, to castigate the deputy attorney general, other senior members of law enforcement. that looks like what he's done in other cases when he's tried to shut this down. what makes it such a problem for him is these motives are transparent. he's made clear he's not doing this because of fisa reform. he's told multiple people around him he's doing this because he's trying to shut down the investigation. i would be very surprised if this doesn't become another incident that bob mueller decides to take a look at. >> let's bring jim comey into the mix. who hillary clinton would say caused her a world of hurt. the president would make the same argument tweeted this. all should appreciate the fbi speaking up. i wish more of our leaders would. but take heart, american history shows that, in the long run, weasels and liers never hold the field, so long as good people stand up. not a lot of schools or streets
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named for joe mccarthy. he's talking about fbi director chris wray who has objected to the memo's release, and, you know, chris wray appointed by president trump, has been pretty strong thus far standing up for his own agency. ken. >> there's been speculation he may threaten to resign if this memo's released. everything we're hearing is he has no plans to do that. because his thinking is how would that help the fbi? he's someone independent. they need a director who can protect him from this interference. this is absolutely a watershed moment help was praised not only by comey but by the fbi association, for this stand saying don't release the memo. at the end of the day, it's the president's decision. >> if you can't credibly do your job, it's fair to say i'm going to resign if i can't do it, i can't represent this agency. >> i think a lot of these guys are making the calculation they can protect these institutions staying in place. do we want donald trump to have a more malleable fbi director than wray?
6:14 am
perhaps not. >> stephanie, can i make one last point. i think that's exactly right what ken said. what we've seen from wray during this episode is he is not afraid to stand up to the president when the president wants him to do something unethical, inappropriate. we need an fbi director hanging around because it's not the last time donald trump is going to do something like that. >> matt miller, you have some serious praise for wray. we've got some breaking news. this just in. secretary of defense james mattis raising the prospect of a military response against the syrian regime for its possible use of chemical weapons against its own people. i want to take you live to the pentagon, where nbc news correspondent hans nichols stands by. >> secretary mattis just came and spoke to us here at the pentagon. we asked him about the use of chemical weapons in syria, particularly the chlorine gas, the weaponized use. he took that up a level and said they're looking for evidence of sarin gas use and he said we're on record, meaning the pentagon, and we all know how we responded
6:15 am
the last time syria did that. that's the assad regime. you recall they lobbed about 59 cruise missiles when there was credible evidence of sarin gas use. their accounts of sarin gas use. what secretary mattis is saying, they're looking into it, the possibility. they don't have the evidence yet but they're looking for the evidence and he made it very clear the last time they reacted, the world can expect again a similar reaction. so quite an escalation against the assad regime. of course it's very complicated what's happening there. you have the mop-up operation against isis. most of the isis has been cleared. you also have turkey coming down from the north, potentially heading towards u.s. troops. of course turkey's an ally of the u.s. but some very strong words from secretary mattis. stef. >> strong words. a very serious situation. we're going to take a quick break. coming up, democratic leaders calling on house speaker ryan to
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oust the congressman at the center of the memo scandal, devin nunes, from atop the intelligence committee. what will they do? is nunes going to stay or go? is paul ryan willing to put his reputation on the line? plus, the new jobs report better than expected. we're going to break down the numbers and what they mean. but first, punxsutawney phil was out this morning. six more weeks of winter. the famous groundhog saw his shadow this morning during the annual pennsylvania celebration. but there is a bit of controversy. it was cloudy, so how exactly did he see his shadow? all i'm going to tell you is my kids saw it, and they said he definitely saw it. and my daughter, she's really on these things. of my parents and my grandparents. i was getting all these leaves and i was going back generation after generation. you start to see documents and you see signatures of people that you've never met. i mean, you don't know these people, but you feel like you do. you get connected to them. i wish that i could get into a time machine
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paul ryan called me the other day and i don't know if i'm supposed to say this, but i will say that he said to me he has never, ever seen the republican party so united. >> i don't even know what to say about that. paul ryan, do you remember when you existed before president trump? i knew a lot of people who thought you were awesome. president trump there talking party unity. nowhere has that been clearer than the release of the nunes memo. msnbc's garrett haake who is at the gop retreat at the greenbrier in west virginia. there have been a few people who came out against the release of the memo but republicans seem to be in lock step when it comes to
6:21 am
it. >> i think that's true. look, there's a news conference going on behind me right now about the opoid crisis and if it's anything like what we've seen here over the past couple days, most of the questions these members get will be about that memo. it has taken over this conference almost entirely. and when the conference breaks up in a few hours, republicans will leave here still divided about immigration, still divided about how to play for the president's infrastructure plan. about 95% of them, i would say are in line, on the issue of this memo, republicans have lined up behind the president, saying the memo should be released to the public. the real division is between those republicans who see this as sort of a dragon glass-style mystical weapon they can use against the president's enemies and stock the russia investigation. and those like paul ryan who have said at least publicly that this is an issue of transparency. that this is an issue of legitimate oversight on the
6:22 am
justice department and needs to be released for that reason. but that's the only real division among republicans on this. over the last few days. in large part because of ryan's support i think for the releasing this memo on that transparency argument. you have seen house republicans especially say the time has come to get this done. stephanie. >> a mystical weapon. paul ryan coming in on a unic n unicorn. my panel, jason johnson. also the political editor for the and cnbc contributor ron insana. jason, i want to start with paul ryan. yesterday, he was talking about why he thinks the memo should be released. take a listen. >> if mistakes were made and if individuals did something wrong, then it is our job as legislative branch of government to conduct oversight over the executive branch if abuses were made. >> for sure. if that were the case, why not release all of it. why just a short memo. why not the democrat's version. >> right, why not the democrat's version.
6:23 am
why not the underlying documents that you used? if you're really concerned about oversight, how about put everything out there? that's because paul ryan's a liar. most of the republicans are liars when it comes to this. they didn't have these concerns with hillary clinton. >> politicians are liars. >> yes. >> i'm not saying paul ryan is a truth teller but he's in good company. politicians tell lies. ron, when you look at this, do you believe republicans actually agree that the memo should be released? most republicans, they're not going to go down with donald trump. most of them didn't support him from the beginning. >> well there has been an unusual amount of cohesion around the president of late when it comes to issues like these. i mean, if they're not actively opposed to it, they've been quite silent. in that regard, acquiesced way way or another. no one's really come out against this from the republican side of the aisle. transparency to me, if congress actually acted with full transparency, we'd know which of
6:24 am
these sexual harassers in congress use taxpayer money to pay off victims. we would know who's trading insider information on stocks because some congressman and their staffers are free to do so irrespective of laws for other people. so this transparency as an issue is not really what this is about. >> all right, is there any chance paul ryan and others are true chess players here and the president is talking checkers? if the president wants to release it, let it be released. walk into the hand of mueller who could say you're trying to obstruct justice yet again. >> i think it's more along the lines of just appeasing the president. the president wants it released, like, okay, release it. i don't think most of the people -- you have had people say it's terrible, it's explosive. you've seen the reports that say it's probably not going to be a game changer. again, the question, when are you going to release the democratic memo? because if the democratic one isn't released in the committee,
6:25 am
it's all the more partisan, all the more questioned. >> breaking news on former usa olympic gymnastic team doctor, you know his name by now, larry nassar. he was attacked in court just moments ago. the father of one of his victims asked the judge to speak and then asked the judge for five minutes in a room alone with nassar. when the judge said no, that's when the father ran at nassar. take a look at this video. >> -- that's not how we -- >> well, i'm mad because -- >> stay down. stay down. >> come on. >> stop fighting. stop fighting. put your hands on your back. >> i want that [ muted ] -- >> hands behind your back -- >> i want that [ muted ] --
6:26 am
>> as i mentioned that is the father of one of larry nassar's victims. he's in court today for a second day of sentencing. the father there appears to be held down by police officers in the court. we don't know what is going to happen to him. he didn't make his way to larry nassar. so larry nassar is fine right now. but, again, he's headed to jail forever. all right, we're going to leave it there. that is a disturbing video and an awful, awful story. coming up, we are standing by for that nunes memo to be released. we're going to get you the details when it happens. plus, just ahead, the stock market opening the new jobs report beat expectations but dow futures are down dramatically. what in the world is going on? smile dad. i take medication for high blood pressure and cholesterol. but they might not be enough to protect my heart. adding bayer aspirin can further reduce the risk of another heart attack. because my second chance matters. be sure to talk to your doctor
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welcome back, time now for your morning primer. everything you need to know to get your day started. we begin in the city of los angeles. authorities say a shooting at a middle school that left three people injured yesterday is now believed to be an accident. a 12-year-old girl was charged with negligent discharge of a firearm. fidel castro's eldest son has died of an apparent suicide.
6:31 am
he has been serving as a scientific adviser and vice president of the cuban academy of sciences. he was 68 years old. a cording to cbs news, authorities are calling robert wagner a person of interest in the drowning death of actress natalie wood that the l.a. county sheriff has called suspicious. nbc news has reached out to wagner for comment. he has previously denied any involvement. the cdc announced it is ending, listen to this, 80% of its programs focused on preventing global outbreaks of disease due to lack of funding. the programs work to stop the spread of diseases like ebola. this is concerning. and police in grand rapids, michigan, are warning netflix users about new phishing scams that claim their account has been deactivated and asks for personal information including credit card numbers. netflix says it never asks users to update information via
6:32 am
e-mail. this is my favorite part of the show, money, power, politics. we're going to go straight to wall street where the market has just opened and the dow is down. market reacting to the first jobs report of the year out this morning. it was a very good one. in january, the u.s. economy added 200,000 jobs, beating expectations. while unemployment held steady at 4.1% for the fourth straight month. that's a good number. i want to bring in an old friend of mine, ronald kreshevki. i have not seen you in ages. i am thrilled to be talking to you. this jobs robert lo s report lo good. why is the market down? >> look, it is very good, a very solid jobs report. i'm never more anxious than when things are good, stephanie. i'm pretty anxious because things are pretty good. the market focusing a little bit on interest rates right now and the fact that the 10-year could
6:33 am
get to 3%, and that's going to weigh on the. that's going to weigh on the market val uations. but, look, things are good right now. >> things are good right now, but are they good for the whole country right? the administration often talked about the extraordinary run in the stoke. we know less than half of the country owns stocks. and wages are finally going up. >> it's a trend that should be encouraging, so let's not scowl at good news. >> when we say the economy is doing so, so well, we can't simply look at the market as a measure, because those who own the market are already pretty
6:34 am
good. it's those who need the wage increase who are suffering. >> you know, look, i hear you. i believe that the market is a barometer of overall economic activity. and i believe that as the economy improves, jobs will improve and wages will go up. i'd like to see a broader participation in the economy. and i think we're beginning to see that right now. so, again, it can be better. it should be better. but the trends are good. >> well, i know deregulation, especially in the financial industry, is very good for your business. you also like these tax cuts. you've said that you think people are underestimating the positive impact of the tax cuts. where and why? >> well, first of all, people have to remember, the u.s. was at a global disadvantage with the highest corporate tax rates almost in the world. and jobs were going overseas. investment was going overseas. so effectively, the u.s. economy
6:35 am
is lowering its cost to capital. that's going to bring jobs back to the u.s. it's going to bring investment back to the u.s. it's going to cause gdp to expand. it's stimulus. it's stimulus at a time when we're raising rates. so i, you know, look, i think the bottom line is that we could not compete globally with 35% corporate tax rates. >> but it didn't necessarily need to go down as low as it did. i mean, 21% is a huge cut. we're seeing companies now say they're going to hire and they're going to offer bonuses. but bonuses almost seem like candy. actual raises seem sustainable. >> i think you'll see raises. when you say that it didn't need to go down to 21%, what is it in britain? what is it in great britain? it's 20%. so i talked to a lot of -- >> great britain is not in -- hold on a second, if we're going to use great britain as an example, i'd far rather have the
6:36 am
united states business community than great britain's. you think they're better than we are on a global business stage? give me a break. >> look, i think that when you look at where -- look at all the investments that were being made and lowered corporate tax regimes. and that's my point. i'm not trying to say that great britain's better than we are. i was saying that their tax rate was 20%. look, i don't want to argue with you, stephanie, i hear you. there is no question that the market is up a lot more than wages are up. i believe that the health of the u.s. economy over the long term is going to be broader participation by everyone in economic growth. and i'm for that. and i think we need to see wage increases. i think corporations need to do their part to not only do bonuses but to increase wages. so i hear you. i'm not arguing with you. as much as i'd like to argue with you. >> i do like to argue with you. i will say over last eight
6:37 am
years, i'd much rather run a business in the united states than in europe. it was a much better climate here i think. all right, ron, great -- >> well, i -- >> you don't agree? >> i agree. >> yes, see. >> i do agree. >> end on a high note. ron, great, great to see you. please come back soon. ron k. from -- >> if you're going to be that tough on me, i'm not going to come see you again. >> i think you will. ron, great to see you. i will see you in new york next. >> i will. coming up, six days from now, a possible nother government shutdown. president trump blasting democrats over daca. at the same time saying republicans, they need to give a little. is there any chance of a deal? remember, people's lives are at stake. first, we are expecting to get that nunes memo any moment. as soon as it is released, you know we're going to bring it to you, so stay right here. new york forward. we're the number one dairy and apple producers in the eastern united states supported by innovative packaging
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it's simple. you can build a car, or you can build a cadillac. come in now for this exceptional offer on the cadillac ct6. get this low-mileage lease on this 2018 cadillac ct6 from around $549 per month. visit your local cadillac dealer. we have a chance now to pass into law the immigration reforms that the american people have been demanding for decades and that many of you have been working on for your entire careers. we have to be willing to give a little in order for our country to gain a whole lot. >> there is a chance. it will just cost you a $25 billion wall. president trump at the republican policy retreat urging his party to give a little to reach a deal with democrats on immigration. we're less than one week away from another government shutdown. potentially. and there is no indication progress has been made on immigration or spending caps.
6:42 am
the president tweeting overnight, the democrats aren't calling about daca. nancy pelosi and chuck schumer have to get moving fast or they'll disappoint you again. we have a great chance to make a deal or blame the dems. my panel, jason johnson, ron insana. republican leaders, they say there's not going to be another shutdown. but we've made no progress on immigration. and, in fact, we've gone in the wrong direction because lindsey graham, dick durbin, they had a deal. schumer, president trump shook hands. stephen miller, john kelly, they don't have a deal. >> yes, they don't want a deal. the republicans don't want a deal. i thought this all along. we were talking about hostages and everything else like that before. you have an administration that has made it abundantly clear they want to keep certain people out of this country. and once you make it clear that, like, hey, i'm not going to buy this house, i'm not going to work with you one way or another, it's difficult. what's fascinating is there are
6:43 am
enough republicans and democrats in the house and senate that they could pass a bill that is veto proof but they don't seem to have the backbone to do that because mitch mcconnell and paul ryan are afraid of offending the president. >> republicans have made a very -- an argument that helped, that worked. when chip was on the table, they were able to say that democrats care more about illegal immigrants than they do about sick children. >> exactly. >> that argument worked. but i want to put a face on where this is now. the chicago tribune put out a face. an army veteran, a green card holder who has been in the united states since he was 8 years old, is facing deportation because of a felony drug conviction. this man served two tours of duty i believe in afghanistan. he's about to go on a hunger strike over it. stories like this guy's, will these effect republicans when they go home? >> i don't know. and they should. i mean, the fact that we've -- in the process of deporting any veteran whatsoever who have two
6:44 am
tours in afghanistan by the way is a rather serious deployment. we've seen servicemen lose their sight, lose limbs, a whole host of catastrophes. there's a strange -- i hesitate to use this expression, but it almost feels like a little ethnic cleansing is going on in the united states right now insofar as people of color are in danger here and this is something that disturbs me greatly. >> doesn't that blow your mind, that we're even saying that? >> it is -- i have been saying this for a long time. it is a white nationalist agenda. if you listen to what richard spencer, stephen miller, sebastian gorka, when the president says i don't want people from excrement-hole countries, i want people from norway. they're get to to get them to leave and prevent others. >> -- tourism jobs last year, and we don't have a shortage of
6:45 am
jobs, by the way, we have a shortage of workers. crops are rotting in the field because there are not enough immigrant workers, legal or illegal. >> home health care workers. it is the biggest industry increase. and those jobs are predominantly held by immigrants. our aging economy. we need help. >> -- get to 3% growth -- >> students from not even countries where there are bans. students from china don't want to come here anymore because they're hearing it's a hostile environment. they're hearing this administration may yank your visa away from you halfway through finals. it doesn't just make america a less hospitable place, it makes america less america. >> the economic impact, to get back to kind of my area of presumed expertise. economic growth is labor force growth plus productivity growth. we have a population replacement rate that's falling. we have life expectancy because of the opoid crisis that's actually rolling over in the last two years. we need replacement workers.
6:46 am
we don't have them. that's why we're seeing wage pressures begin to accelerate. it's why the fed might raise rates more. there's a whole host of complications around the immigration question that just go beyond who's supposed to be here. half of my family wasn't supposed to be here for coming into the country. so it's a strange perspective and also i think has large-scale economic consequences yet to be factored in. >> well, i'm lucky the two of you are here this morning. coming up, we're waiting for that nunes memo to be released any time. you're going to be the first to know as soon as it happens. next, democrats remain optimistic about their chances in the midterms. now, new numbers show they could have a real challenge on their hands. co democrats don't get too cute here. you got to get your game on. then i realized something was missing... me. my symptoms were keeping me from being there. so, i talked to my doctor and learned humira is for people who still have symptoms of crohn's disease
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this calls for a taste of cheesecake. philadelphia cheesecake cups. rich, creamy cheesecake with real strawberries. find them with the refrigerated desserts. welcome back. i'm city of new -- stephanie ruhle. we're talking the 2018 midterm elections, quickly approaching. i think we could be looking at the surface. democrats seem to be on different pages when it came to five, are you listening to me, five different responses to the president's state of the union. according to, democrats lead on a generic battle --
6:51 am
excuse me, ballot, has only shrunk to 6%. jason johnson, ron insana to you. jason, your party, get your act together. five responses? i mean like -- >> i've gotten checks from both, but i'll say this and this is a conversation i had with my democratic friends all the time. as a political scientist who's worked for both, i've never cared about the generic ballot. i think it is a ridiculous measure. at the end of the day it's driven by democratic districts where they'll win 80-20 and republican districts where they'll win 80-20. the important number is this, 35. the number of republicans that are not running for re-election. that means they're walking through their communities and are like we're about to lose. if you've got 35 republicans who are like i don't even want to run for re-election. >> including chairman. >> including chairmen. they know a wave is coming. >> talk is cheap, money matters. >> yep. >> it's easy for people to say they find the president
6:52 am
reprehensible, offensive, they don't like him, because he's very difficult to defend. but let's talk money. the rnc closed out the year $39 million. democrats, $6.5 million. >> i think the president has $221.5 million already. >> bingo, bingo, bingo. >> i've not heard that expression before. >> it was a gift. >> my biggest issue that i identify with the democrats, no message, no messenger. that's been a problem quite some time. they do not have a coherent economic message, they don't have a coherent political message and they have not, as you said, responded in a single voice towards whatever the president happens to be doing at any given moment in time. i think that's problematic. i still have yet to see a cohesive plan. if you go back to bill clinton's putting people first or any kind of program that was at least making america great again is a smart slogan. the democrats don't have anything with which to fight. >> who could be that unifying
6:53 am
voice? because when we talk about republicans in the center that have become disenfranchised who don't like the president, they might vote for a democrat but they're not going to vote for elizabeth warren and they're not going to necessarily vote for a bernie sanders. and when i look at i guy like joe kennedy speak and get criticized because he comes from an established wealthy family, people don't like that. but should democrats not say we don't care who the -- we just want a strong leader with great intentions and a great message? >> i don't think they have to worry about a leader just yet. most out parties don't have a good message. you only get a newt gingrich every generation or so. he was able to create a coherent message because you had a single leader. you think all the democrats and independents and people who voted for northam in virginia cared about a single message? >> it has to be a unified message, an intention. >> i do not believe, i honestly do not believe unified messages matter that much in midterm elections, especially the first midterm because it tends to be a
6:54 am
referendum on the president. the democrats will stumble their way into this victories this fall. >> we don't know if they're going to take the house. >> i just think they're going to win enough seats that the republicans will not by able to operate with impunity. >> this is hard on republicans and democrats because i just want to go back to the shutdown for a moment. this would be, if we pass it again, a short-term fix for the fifth or sixth time. >> we still don't have a budget. >> blame republicans, blame democrats. how bad are these short-term fixes on our future, on our economy? because you can blame everybody for these. >> the bigger problem, which no one has talked about and is target to show up not only in interest rates rising but the papers a little bit is the tax reform bill is boosting deficits so much the u.s. treasury has to issue more bonds. so not only do you have a budget issue, a shutdown, but you may have a debt ceiling fight coming up faster than we thought before. >> and that's because the tax cuts were so big. >> the deficit is growing faster
6:55 am
than anyone anticipated. >> the fema, the fbi, every single agency, it's hard to plan for emergencies if you don't know if your atm card is going to work in a week. and that's what's happening every time we have a short-term budget fix. >> goodness gracious. all right, gentlemen, we're going to leave it there. the nunes memo could be released any minute. i'm going to let you know everyone in this newsroom is laughing bosses i've said it 800 times. more on the breaking news, this news i don't like. former usa gymnastics team doctor larry nassar back in court and a father stood up and lunged at him, the father of three victims who simply couldn't take it. un this busine. but i really love it. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i don't eat the way i should. so, i drink boost to get the nutrition i'm missing. boost high protein nutritional drink has 15 grams of protein to help maintain muscle
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welcome back. i'm stephanie ruhle and you know how i like to ending things. there's always good news somewhere and i want to share it before we go. it is national go red day. the go red for women movement brings attention to the number one killer of women, heart disease. nearly one in three women's deaths is caused by heart disease. that is approximately one woman every 80 seconds. but remember this, 80% of the cases could be prevented. how? by knowing your numbers. your family history, making lifestyle changes. you can share your support on social media using #wearred and give. i'm wearing it, i'm going to give. find out your numbers.
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prevent something like heart disease. if you can prevent it, that is certainly good news. and that wraps us up this hour. i am stephanie ruhle. i'll see you again at 11:00. right now i hand off to my friend and colleague hallie jackson. you must be wearing green. >> i was thinking about the red. i was thinking this is my last shot to wear green before the big day but this is an amazing cause, i'm so glad you're highlighting it. thank you, stephanie. in the meantime on this groundhog day, punxsutawney phil is seeing his shadow. but this memo that could get green lit by the white house basically any minute. there are three scenarios how this could go down. if this does go down it's a new front in the war between the president and his fbi as donald trump is tweeting about this morning with new reports he apparently decided to release this memo before reading it. but after watching cable news. so one of the people behind that scoop will be joining us here live. and what about the man


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